What is programming language?

What is programming language?


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We humans use language for communication with each other. We use languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese etc. We use these languages where both the people understand the same language. When we speak certain part of our brain forms the sentences and we speak them through our mouth and other person listens to that and his brain processes what it heard. But brain and our body doesn’t understand the language itself, rather it communicates with body in the form of electric signals.

So just like that in computers there are different languages like java, c, python etc. which we use to communicate with the computer , to give it orders like hey print “Hello World” on screen. But the computer just like our brain does not understand these languages directly rather it also understands electric signals. The CPU that is our processor, brain of the computer understands only two things that is current(1) and no current(0). This 0 and 1 language is called Machine code and the other one is High level language. So whatever language we are using to give instructions to the computer needs to be converted to machine code. To do that we use “Compilers”. Each language has its own compiler.

These High level languages are called programming languages used to write code to get work done through computers.