A show all developers should watch.

A show all developers should watch.


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The Billion Dollar Code

This is a show about the story of Terravision. The software that can allow you to go to the any part of the world virtually. This is a real story about the Joachim Sauter and Axel Schmidt. The Axel Schmidt is a hacker and software developer much like Steve Wozniak of the Apple and Joachim Sauter being the visionary and the CEO of the company ART-COM. The story shows how they build a team of punk developers and get a grant from the German government in the age where digitalization was taking its first steps. For your surprise the famous Google Maps is allegedly said to be a result of the infringement of the Terravision patent due to which they faced a legal suite which is also another main premise of the show.

The show goes on to tell us how your products and projects that you hold so dear can be crushed by the giant companies and no one will even know. As no one will get a show as big as this one.

I hope you enjoy the show.